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MB Chakras Astrology 1.20

No Image MB Chakras Astrology is a different and advanced zodiac software which relates the two different worlds of astrology and chakras. This software generates the Chakra that influences you the most based on your date of birth. MB Chakras Astrology is an interesting software that gives you the relation between the two different worlds of astrology and chakras. Based on your date of the birth the software calculates the chakra that influences you.

MB Chakras Tarot 1.20: MB Chakras Tarot is a simple software that correlates chakras with tarot cards.
MB Chakras Tarot 1.20

chakra means “wheel” that controls the flow of energy throughout the body. Chakras radiate energy of vibrations, because the former can be affected by the other individual’s mood. The vibrations of these energy levels are immense, so it’s required to control and balance all the chakras. It’s very much important that all Chakras are active in a balanced manner (the ideal state). Chakras can be under-active or over active. Balancing of all

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